Welcoming a Third Staff Member

Last November we made it public that The Dale Ministries was ready to grow our staff team. We are now thrilled to announce that we have found our new Community Worker in Meagan Gillard. Meagan comes with an education in social work and experience in a setting similar to The Dale, plus she calls Parkdale home. I loved listening to Meagan describe to our Board of Directors her heart and passion for this kind of work and life. I trust that The Dale is going to be a good home for her, and that she will bring so much to us.

This is also a leap of faith for Meagan. She has agreed to fundraise the money for her salary, a task that can certainly be daunting. As someone who does the same, I understand the anxiety of not being sure where the funds might come from. I also know the beauty of having an incredible network of people invested in this work. My hope and prayer is that Meagan will be encouraged by those who come forward to support her.

It is exciting to have The Dale expand in this way. I believe the time is right. Meagan starts on April 18th, the day after Easter Monday- fitting given that Easter is a time of new beginnings and this is definitely one for everyone involved. Please join me, Joanna, the Board, and the whole Dale community in welcoming Meagan. We’re so glad you said yes!

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Beulah Courtney


Meagan is our granddaughter…and we are SO proud of her…and her leap of faith. She has the heartbeat for ministry and we know she is doing what she is called to do. We pray blessing upon all of you and your ministry. You ARE making a difference!

Pastor Howard and Beulah Courtney
Innisfil, Ontario

Erinn Oxford


Thank you for your encouragement- both of Meagan, and the work of The Dale. We are so looking forward to having Meagan on this team. Peace to you both.

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