The Dale on the WikiGod Podcast

WikiGod PodcastThe Dale Ministries was recently featured in two episodes of the WikiGod podcast, hosted by Mark Groleau.

Part 1 – Mark sits down with Erinn Oxford, Pastor and Director at The Dale Ministries. Erinn talks about what it’s like to serve in a model that defies typical and opoular definitions of “church.” She discusses the masks we wear, how church can be a place where we hide, and how sandwich runs for street-involved people fostered her love for people on the margins. She explains how friends on the margins can be greater teachers and helpers to the privileged rather than the other way around, and gives us an insight into the challenges, the beauty, and the constant movement inherent in being a community without a building and focused on “spilling out into the neighbourhood.”


Part 2 – Mark sits down again with Erinn Oxford, Pastor and Director at The Dale Ministries. In this week’s Part 2 of the convsersation, Erinn talks about the shape of the weekly gatherings and who is served by The Dale. She talks about continuing on when times were so tough it looked like The Dale might close. She talks about partnerships and what it’s like to depend on God and the kindness of others to meet and to be provided for as a community, and about 10 lessons learned in her 3 years in her role at The Dale. Finally, we sheds light on how we are all poor, how we all need each other, and what the good news is for Toronto.

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