How do I get involved at The Dale?

Come and see! Visit one of our upcoming meetings and get to know our community.

When you come, speak to Erinn, Joanna, Meagan, Olivia, or any of the regulars at The Dale for more information.

Here we do not have a volunteer group that is separate from our community. Many of the people who volunteer regularly came to us first needing a hot meal and a place to belong.

Try to think of it, not so much as doing something “for those people”, but that we are doing something together. Everyone who comes is given an opportunity to help. This is an important part of the value we place on ‘full participation’.

One of the best things you can volunteer is your time: to informally hang out.

If your time is limited we welcome and value other forms of support too: pray, give a financial gift, share our story!

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